My name is Pablo Velasco,  3D artist. This website features some of my work and creative projects.

Born in Madrid, ever since I was a kid, I have been passionate about the art world and filled my exercise books up with drawings. Later I was particularly interested in the application of creativity using technology. This inspired me to do a degree in Computer Applications Development. And then a three-year Degree in 3D animation and post production at I.E.D (Instituto Europeo di Design), in Madrid.
I started my career in Madrid, but soon I moved to London, later I decided to relocate to Paris, where I was for 5 years  and now I am living in Montreal (probably the world capital for 3d productions right now) since 2016.

I am glad for having had the opportunity of participating in some cool projects, from Disney movies to cinematics in Ubisoft AAA Games or projects with real time engines, such as a TV show in Unreal or an indie game in Unity.

I am a fluent Spanish, English and French speaker, and I love communicate in different languages every day, having co-workers from so many places and cultures. (currently learning Italian : )

I would like to further develop my skills in 3D and games with additional international work experience.

Some tools and cool stuff I use:         Maya,  3Ds Max,  Zbrush,  Photoshop,  Substance Painter,  Mari,  Nuke,  Katana,  Unreal,  Unity,  Vray…
I’m constantly adding different programs and tools to my work flow, and I am able to learn quickly any new software.