My name is Pablo Velasco,  3D artist. This website features some of my work and creative projects.

Born in Madrid in 1983, I have been a creative person all my life, and am particularly interested in the application of creativity using technology. This passion inspired me to do a degree in Computer Applications Development. I then did a three-year Degree in 3D animation-post production at I.E.D (Instituto Europeo di Design), in Madrid.

I continued to acquire knowledge by studying other areas of design. Since completing my studies I have been working freelance on 3D Projects, as well as for some studios. I worked in Madrid for a year, then went to London also for a year, and later I decided to relocate to Paris, where I was for 5 years. Now I am in Barcelona. I have an international profile; I am a fluent English and French speaker, Spanish is my mother tongue and I am currently learning Italian. I love to work with people from different countries and cultures. It is a pleasure for me to achieve my challenges in different languages and to be contact with international clients or partners.

Recently I have been studying different schools in the video game field, such as a course for Unity 3d, or mastering zBrush.

I would like to further develop my skills in 3D design and video games with additional international work experience.


3ds Max
Unity 3D
Other main tools for the design:  After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere, Quixel, TopoGun, xNormal, UVLayout, iToo software suite.
I’m constantly adding different programs and tools to my work flow, and I am able to learn quickly and work with new software.