Unity game

This is an indie video game created with Unity. It’s an endless runner in which you play the role of a goshawk flying at speed over a cliff, avoiding the trees and rocks in the heat of dry desert while hunting for jumping frogs, your main source of food in this arid, hostile environment.

I created this video game as a project during the Unity 3D course. It took me about a month and I was in charge of doing everything since I was working alone, although with a little guidance from my teacher.
I was restricted for time, I had just one month. It’s due to this fact that I modelled every 3D object for the game in a lowpoly style, concept art and textured.
I rigged the character and created the different animations. Doing the lights and camera effects for the colors and composition. The terrain is procedural, and it regenerates chunks, to make an experience of a hot endless dessert, where the ground is changing with an «animator controller», to recreate different stages with more or less nature, more stones etc, giving a sense of evolution to the game as the player progresses.
I programmed all of the game in C# including the player controller, the particle system, the chunk generator, the UI design and buttons.

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Azor Video

I am mainly a 3D artist, but after this experience I understand perfectly how Unity works, and any game from inside, what kind of models or animations needs. I can even develop code C# for a game.

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unity game
unity game
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