Zafari. The serie


Company : Digital Dimension
Producer : Universal Studios.  Dreamworks.
Director: David Dozoretz

In Digital Dimension, I was part of the environment team, producing a TV series with Unreal. We had to create a new pipeline, since few studios in the world had done storytelling using a real time render engine. We were honored to work with David Dozoretz as a director, with experience from films like Star Wars, Jurasic Park or Star Trek.

Zafari Trailer

Zafari presentation at Siggraph 2017
«Montreal-based Digital Dimension debuted Zafari at Epic’s SIGGRAPH press conference on July 31 2017. The former visual effects house has created over 50 11-minute episodes of the kids’ TV show using UE4 technology. The series will debut in October in France with a global rollout with NBCUniversal afterward.»
«The CG-animated series is created by VFX veteran David Dozoretz, and centers on a group of friends inhabiting a unique land where all the animals are magically born with a variety of skins, patterns and characteristics, making each individual truly unique.»

In the Environment team, we were in charge of creating all the models and imported them in Unreal. We created also the different terrains.
These are some shots from some of the environments I was assigned on, like the cave interiors, the cliffs and many jungles scenes.